Employee Self Service
Improve workflow and Communication

Workforce management solutions offer a powerful Employee Self Service and Electronic data collection to improve workflow and communication. This core functionality provides browser based interfaces and web-enabled biometric terminals to reach every employee in the organization any time anywhere. You can connect employees, managers and organizations with employee and self service module and collect real time information to improve communication and decision making.

You can empower Employee’s with personalized Self Service and provide higher employee satisfaction with increase in their productivity.

The Employees Self Service expense system can record, track and review employee expense reports. Expense types can be controlled by the supervisor or administrator. With Employee’s Self Service System, they can enter their expenses, review expenses report at anytime which can be sorted by date, job or expense type. Employee self service expense system is independent of pay period and the dates for expense reporting are not limited to pay period or date range.

Employee Self Service module Increases employee satisfaction, productivity reduces technical cost by freeing Managers and Administrators from data entry to focus more on higher value activities.

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Our Mission
Improve Work Flow, Communication and Decision making.
Improve employee satisfaction and productivity.
Free Managers to focus more on higher value activities.
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