Labor Management Software:

Reduce Labor costs while improving productivity and increase ROI:

Benefits of Automated time keeping:

     Web Based Time keeping helps Employee keep track of total time spent on certain projects, tasks or work type.
     *  Project leader can use Web Based Time Sheet to determine the time and money spent on different tasks and projects.
     *  You can use Automated Time Sheet to optimize staff management, increase productivity and ROI.
     * Web Based Timesheet is a convenient and reliable Web Time Solution for time-based billing.

MSI’s Labor Management and Tracking System is a comprehensive Web-Based real time solution to maximize Workforce efficiency, reduce labor costs and increase ROI thereby achieving your Organizational goal. Labor Management Software streamlines the Timekeeping process while proactively managing labor costs. MSI’s Labor Management and Tracking module identifies patterns of high and low productivity through the tracking of Labor Cost by employee, shift, department, task, work order, Time and Attendance and enables you to establish workforce optimization .

Web Based real time Labor Tracking enables you to monitor labor activities as they happen to make more proactive business decisions. Labor Management significantly increases throughout and decreases costs by helping you deploy and manage your resources for maximum productivity. Labor Tracking System provides necessary information to the Organization to maximize Workforce potentials and contribution to increased productivity.

MSI Labor Management System is programmed to capture real time Labor data and cost information to better control labor costs with reliable, up-to-the-minute tracking of labor data. You can streamline your operations and Automate Business processes to eliminate many administrative tasks, paper timesheets and other error-prone manual processes to Increase your ROI.

MSI’s Web-Based real time solution takes a significant leap in employee’s Time and Attendance management. Its web-based feature provides an added advantage of global presence with on-demand communication capabilities to efficiently track employees at remote locations and share global information. Time and Attendance information can be tracked up-to-the minute and on a project-by-project basis. Its centralized database server allows instant update of information from any location.

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Our Mission
Automate Time Sheet to optimize staff management, increase productivity and ROI.
keep track of total cost and time spent projects, tasks or work wise.
Maximize Workforce potentials to increase productivity.
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