Time and Attendance Solutions:
Control labor cost and increase productivity

Time and Attendance solution has great ability to control labor cost and increase productivity. There are many inaccuracies in Tracking up-to-the- minute actual time worked due to various manual and error-prone processes resulting in overpayment. Employee Time and attendance module is designed to facilitate a wide range of accurate real time reporting from calculation of minutes to management of historical attendance, sick pay and holiday vacation schemes. Employee Time and Attendance Management enables you to consistently and accurately apply Business rules, pay rules and other work policies across your organization there by improving overtime management.

With Time and Attendance software you can capture real time labor data and export it to payroll with the click of a mouse. Reports menu bar provides easy access to employee’s all Time and Attendance reports, schedules and summary reports.

Time Attendance solution with its Open and highly customizable architecture allows changes to existing reports and form text to suit your organizational needs without requiring a highly skilled programmer.

A variety of data capture devices can be utilized with Time and attendance solution to track accurate arrival and departure time. Choose whatever suits your Organization's specific work environment - Badge Time Clocks, Biometric Time Clocks, Telephone entry systems, PC entry systems and mobile scanners.

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Our Mission
Control labor cost and increase productivity.
Capture real time labor data and export it to payroll.
Maximize Workforce potentials to increase productivity.
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